I am a husband, father, speaker, leader, servant and friend.  During my time on this planet I have known failure and I have known success; I have known little and I have known much; I have known despair and I have known hope.  Through it all I have come to know the word “redeemed” in the most intimate way possible.  Now, both my joy and my purpose comes from the one who redeemed me.Whether I am serving youth, or adults, the urban poor or the suburban affluent; whether I am speaking from the stage or serving in the streets, one truth remains the same.  Everyone wants to be known.  It is my passion to introduce them to the One who know’s them best.


15 thoughts on “About

  1. ShurGopal

    Hello Mr. Jeff! I love your blog. Can we connect? Please do send me an email to my personal address shur@shur.us when you can. I am a Professor of Mass Communication at North Greenville University. You may check out our website http://www.ngu.edu to know more about the great Christian institution where I serve The Lord. I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you. Blessings. -Shur Gopal

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  2. cara245

    Good afternoon, I was wondering if you would be so kind as to give permission to reblog (repost) your article on our blog, http://www.viva-naija.com please? Needless to say, the post will be attributed to you, and there will be a link back to your site.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Many thanks


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  3. Amy

    You seem to be ignorant to the definitions of racism and prejudice. I would define the statements you made as prejudice. I believe you chose racist because it is more inflammatory, and would draw more attention to your blog. That does none of us any good, spare you and your bank account Good luck in sorting out your feelings.


    1. beyondtheglasswall Post author

      FYI- I wrote this as a personal reflection and hoped 100 people, maybe. And my hope is that amongst those people a real conversation would take place. (I also make absolutely no money for this.) Even though you find the title so offensive I hope that some of the content will open dialogue for you.

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      1. cara245

        Couldn’t have hoped for a more dignified response, Jeff, well said. And as for your feelings, I wouldn’t worry too much; they seem pretty sorted out to me.

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      2. Erin Jones

        I would really like to connnect. I read the blog post about racism, and it really resonated with the with I’m doing. I so appreciate your honesty and feel like God is calling, as s black woman, to be a bridge-builder in predominantly white, Christian spaces.

        I’ve had a unique journey to this space. Here’s a bit of my story: https://youtu.be/HQ7xY60a6z4

        My email: erinjones93@gmail.com

        Thank you for what you’re doing!


  4. hayleelucht

    Thank you so much for these posts. These are important and your message needs to get out to as many people as possible. You put things into words that I sometimes have trouble voicing when trying to advocate for the same things. I’ve made it to the point where these problems are very personal to me, just like you described all white Americans need to do. But because it’s so personal, I too face issues that not everyone will acknowledge my personal side of the story just as if I were another black person trying to complain and portray a story that’s being blown up to a scale larger than they think it really is. Thank you for acknowledging, understanding and doing your part to move past the ever-prominent ignorance our country is faced with.



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