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No Way.

Welcoming Grace

No way.

It’s my two year old’s new favorite thing to say. He’s not like your regular toddler who screams “no!” at you, he’s like your hard core toddler who deepens his voice, furrows his brow, takes a swing at you (I’ve thankfully learned to dodge those), and screams in his best metal band screamer voice, “no way!” And you know what, I’m okay with it.

I’ve developed this relationship with my kids where I don’t take their “no,” and bend it to my yes. Sometimes it’s in the small things, but those small things become big things. They need to be able to have a voice that says:

“No, this is not right.”

“No, this does not seem fair.”

“No, I’m not okay with this and something needs to change.”

They NEED to have that “no”-to get them through the teen years, college, and I’m learning for myself now…

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