I wrote this a couple years ago in response to the tragedy of division we suffer as a nation. Sadly, it is just as true today as it was back then. 

Knowledge is power,Whether true or false.

But our “outrage” and “inrage” create borders and walls. 

What we know and what we show to prove us right,

Have most to do with our side of the fight.

But if kindness and love would lead the way,

If we really would listen to what “others” say,

We might start to see less them versus us,

Less suspicion and conspiracy, more unity and trust. 

Not man versus women, not old versus young;

Not black versus white, not most versus some.
We need less “versus” and more “verses”,
More love and less hate;

We need to create doors,

not barricades and gates. 

When community and unity trump distrust and accusation,

When we finally come together and stand as one nation,

We’ll see the difference between a protest and a riot,

We’ll learn to speak our mind we won’t need to be quiet,

But the fury won’t burn our homes and our towns.

Our anger won’t hurt whoever’s around. 

But our pain WILL be seen, heard and known.

We’ll no longer live the lie that we’re in this alone. 

We’ll stand with each other shoulder to shoulder,

And leave something better as we grow older;

For our children and their’s to have and enjoy

For all of their years whether girl or boy,

Whether black or white, whether rich or poor

Whether blue or white collar, whether less or more.

We’ll all share this world and its epic story

We’ll know “our” role, but delight in God’s glory

We’ll care for each other with compassion and love,

See the needs of another and put them “above”

So this world needs less knowing,

More listening, less showing.

We need more community, more unity in life;

less difference and anger,

Less suspicion and strife.

This society this nation,

This world this creation,

Is not about difference, despite all the fuss.

It’s not about division, it’s about His image in “us”.

3 thoughts on “Us

  1. Patrice Thompson

    Thank you, thank you. I read every word that you said and I appreciate your willingness to unveil yourself. I also appreciate the fact that you said it publicly. As I read your post I remembered all the jobs I was passed over for and the promotion’s I didn’t get although everybody kept telling me I was doing a great job even telling me thank you for saving their butt. Being called the n-word as you pass by and things purposely done to you that you didn’t want to say anything to cause any trouble been through all of the things that you mentioned and even more than you can imagine which is why I cried as I read someone of another race understanding someone and I just want to say thank you.

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  2. SonniQ

    Good poem. It speaks from the heart. We need more people like that. I write a lot of poetry – and piano music. It’s my way of communicating. Many people don’t have a way to express themselves and their frustration comes out as anger. My anger comes because of those who refuse to see that the way they think might be wrong and have no problem hurting people. But then, something happens to them and they cry victim.


  3. Nicki Presley

    Thank my Almighty Creator for blessing me with parents who are color blind. We were always taught to treat people the same, no matter what color! I took that advice, and I worked for many years with people from all races and creeds. Last Nov. we took in my sons friend because he fell on hard times, and uses all the small amount of money with a part time job. My son got him a job where he works, and now they are both working 2 jobs just to get by. Yes he is a young black man, and we never thought twice about letting him stay with us. He’s very respectable, very helpful since both my husband and I are disabled! You never judge a book by its cover until you read the pages. I understand their plight, and understand why there is so much tension between races. Our best friends across the street are Arabian ( Muslim) and I wouldnt change that for nothing! To be honest, I get most flack for being drawn to people of color, That’s why I have a problem with white racists! Their all around me, and my next door neighbor has nothing to do with me because of MY choice of friends! Friends like that, I don’t need enemies. We all are the same! We all bleed red! I will continue to make people happy as I am a good listener, and people are drawn to me wherever I go! They tell me their life stories, and I try to plant as many seeds of love. We all need to LOVE one another, be treated equally and their wouldn’t be problems! The mega rich white folk are what ruined this country. It’s all about money, money, money! I am thankful for what I have….no more, no less! Thanks for reading my rant😊



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